Wisdom Teeth

OMS are experts in the management of wisdom teeth and will provide you with the highest level of care should you choose to have them removed.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The removal of impacted wisdom teeth is best suited for the expert training of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.

Wisdom teeth often begin erupting in the mouth between the ages of 15 to 25. Everyone has a different growth rate, which explains why each person may have wisdom teeth removed at slightly different ages.

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt within the mouth. Most often, there isn’t enough room in the mouth for these teeth. Because of the lack of space, the wisdom teeth often become mal-aligned. These mal-aligned wisdom teeth can cause pain, pressure, infection and damage to the adjacent molars. Sometimes these problems can occur without having any prior signs or symptoms.

There are usually four wisdom teeth in total, and each one may be partially erupted, erupted inside the mouth, or still located under the gum or bone tissue. The tooth still located under the gum or bone tissue is known as an impacted tooth.

The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon will often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth in a young adult. This is because the risks involved with the removal of wisdom teeth greatly increase with age. This is also the case with the recovery period: the older one is, the longer the recovery period tends to be.

At the initial consultation appointment with your Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, the appropriate post-extraction care instructions will be explained in detail. The risks, complications and normal post-extraction course of action will also be well explained. Following all of the post-extraction care instructions is key to ensuring a fast and proper recovery.

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A special (panoramic) radiograph taken of the jaw is best and recommended to see the condition of the wisdom teeth.

Third Molar Extraction
(Full Boney Impaction)

Third Molar Extraction
(Partial Boney Impaction)

Third Molar Extraction
(Soft Tissue Impaction)

Wisdom Teeth Eruption

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