Corrective Jaw Surgery

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Upper Jaw Surgery

During upper jaw surgery, it is possible to correct the position of the upper jaw by moving it three-dimensionally, up, down, forward or backward, depending on the changes required.

Maxillary Advancement Surgery

Maxillary Impaction

Lower Jaw Surgery

Lower jaw surgery can involve backward or forward movement of the jaw depending on the facial and dental changes that are required.

Mandibular Setback

Mandibular Advancement

Upper and Lower Jaw Surgery

The position of both the upper and lower jaw are interdependent on each other.  In order to achieve a harmonious facial profile and a proper dental occlusion,  it is frequently necessary to perform surgery on the upper and lower jaw during the same operation:

Maxillary & Mandibular Advancement

Maxillary Advancement with Mandibular Setback

Maxillary Expansion, Mandibular Setback

Chin Surgery

Surgery of the chin region is often performed in combination with surgery of the upper and lower jaw.

This type of surgery can have dramatic effects by improving balance in facial profile and can also have significant benefits in terms of lower lip position and function.


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