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Our Foundation

Our Mission: To contribute to the public welfare by advancement of the specialty of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery through research, education, and the diffusion of knowledge.

The Foundation for Continuing Education and Research was originally chartered on November 24, 1988 as an affiliate of the Canadian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (CAOMS). It is a registered charitable organization that is dedicated to securing the future of the specialty and the welfare of the public through the facilitation of appropriate, research based, scientifically validated treatment modalities.  The Foundation is managed in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws by a voluntary Board consisting of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Past-Chairman, Secretary Treasurer and three Trustees.

The Foundation Board of Trustees has adopted the following objectives to fulfill its mission:

i) Perform or support quality research and education programs that will ultimately provide improved evidence based care, an expanded scope of practice, as well as new and improved techniques.

ii) Actively procure financial resources to both ensure the long-term viability of Foundation and sustain the research that is at the heart of its mission.

iii) Assure the prudent administration of Foundation assets and programs  through sound financial, business and scientific management principles.

To date the Foundation has completed internally and published multiple “risk vs. benefits” projects. In addition it has supported research in the fields of anaestheiology, microbiology, oral cancer, TMJ, bone physiology, pain, cleft palate, obstructive sleep apnea and distraction osteogenesis.  

The Foundation for Continuing Education and Research (CAOMS) awards financial assistance yearly through the Research Support Grant and the Research Fellowship Award.  Please consult the guideline documents on this page for eligibility and application details.

At the very core of the Foundation is public welfare. Research, advanced training and continuing education are the focus of Foundation.  Your generous donations will ultimately bring better care to more people both in Canada and worldwide.  Be a part of our future today.


CAOMS Foundation

Foundation for Continuing Education & Research (CAOMS)
Fondation pour l’avancement de l’éducation et de la recherche (ACSCBMF)

Foundation Trustees


  • Dr. Ian Ross


Secretary-Treasurer/Secrétaire - trésorier

  • Dr. Archie Morrison



  • Dr Daisy Chemaly
  • Dr Kevin Lung
  • Dr. Mike Melo
  • Dr. Miller Smith (President CAOMS)
  • Dr. Mathilde Sarlabous