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Friday, May 23, 2014 / vendredi 23 mai 2014

Le Westin Montréal




President Dr. Frank Hohn welcomed those in attendance to the 61st Annual General Meeting of CAOMS and encouraged the attendees to continue enjoying their lunch during the meeting.

He reminded those present that Active, Life and Retired members are eligible to vote, and that Supporting and Resident-in-Training members are invited to listen and participate in the meeting but are not eligible to vote.

He then called the meeting to order. Dr. Hohn asked if there was a quorum present and was advised by the recording secretary that there was.

The meeting began by introducing the 2013-2014 Executive Council and Dr. Hohn asked them to stand to be recognized:


President-Elect                                    Dr. Ed Dore

Treasurer                                            Dr. Mike Melo

Secretary                                             Dr. Ian Ross (not present)

Immediate Past President                    Dr. Julia Pompura

Membership Chair                               Dr. Kevin McCann

Webmaster                                          Dr. Nicholas Hogg


Regional Councillors:

British Columbia                                   Dr. Marty Braverman

Alberta                                                Dr. Miller Smith

Prairies                                                Dr. Catherine Dale

Ontario                                                Dr. Howard Holmes

Quebec                                               Dr. Alex Dostie

Atlantic Provinces                               Dr. Chad Robertson (not present)


He then mentioned that Dr. Christopher Robinson, our Executive Director, was not present due to a death in the family.


Approval of the Agenda

Dr. Hohn stated that the Agenda for the meeting had been circulated and asked for a motion to approve the agenda as presented.


Moved Ed Dore; seconded Doug Vincelli; CARRIED.

THAT the Agenda be approved as presented.

Approval of the Minutes of the 2013 AGM

Dr. Hohn stated that copies of the 2013 AGM Minutes were on the tables and distributed to all members by email. He asked if there were any questions, errors, omissions or required additions. Seeing none, he asked for a motion to approve the Minutes of the CAOMS AGM held on May 25, 2013 in Chicago.

Moved Catherine Dale; seconded Mike Melo; CARRIED.

THAT the Minutes of the 2013 AGM be approved as presented.


President’s Report / Dr. Frank Hohn

Dr. Hohn started his report by saying that he has had a busy year as President as he is involved in many other areas (on several other arms of organizations such as the CDRAF, Canadian Dental Specialties Association, Canadian Dental Association) and these brought a unique perspective to his ear as President of CAOMS.

The first item discussed was the Canadian Association of Dental Anesthesia / many people have come up to him for an update so he gave a synopsis of what transpired this past year. He explained that 5 years ago, the CDA tasked the CDRAF to take over specialty recognition. A working group was set up to create a process for specialty recognition, regardless of which specialty came forward;

6 criteria were set out in that process. They were all good, strong and extremely rigorous.  The first specialty to challenge this new process was the Dental Anesthesia. Another working group was set up to evaluate this new specialty (11 persons) and they solicited stakeholder input. A total of 43 different groups were approached. Written submissions were received and those groups who wanted to present were invited to do so in Toronto. Many presented and the CAOMS was one of those organizations. At the working group level it was defeated by a vote of 7 to 4. As part of the process, the working group report is then presented to the CDRAF board and this was done in Ottawa in April.  The vote occurred and it was defeated 10 to 5. Therefore, as it currently sits, the Dental Anesthesia is only recognized as a specialty in Ontario.

The biggest concern now is that the CADA (Canadian Association of Dental Anesthesiologists) will take a legal route claiming that the process was not followed.


Q: If they do not take a legal route now, do they have to wait 5 years before they can re-apply.

A: F Hohn replied that this is their 4th try and that he doesn’t know – the CDRAF will have to establish that.


The second item Dr. Hohn spoke about was the NIHB on-going issue. He mentioned that the CAOMS met with them on Tuesday at the executive council meeting. There are a handful of issues that are problems with NIHB; the biggest one being the delta – the difference between what’s collected/paid and what it costs to do business. This is an ongoing fight – the people they met on Tuesday are not the decision makers, they are the number crunchers. Some of the billing issues have been improved (ie Schedule 2 to Schedule 1 / pre-determination). The third problem is the delinking of NIHB with 3rd party providers. He gave an example of how bad the situation is in the Prairies by telling the group that in his practice, they did an informal audit and for the First Nations Accounts Receivables, the total was more than $600,000.

They have solved some things and are working on others but the single biggest positive thing that has happened with this issue is that they have engaged a member of the AFM (Assembly of First Nations) – a well-spoken, articulate woman which gives us a voice within AFM.

The third item discussed was the RCDC glitch that occurred during part 1 of the recent written exams. He feels that the problem was successfully dealt with – 43 applicants affected and the IT glitch occurred with 17 minutes left in the examination. Several options were given to those applicants. Apparently, those who did not pass part 1 of the exam were already failing miserably and the last 17 minutes would not have altered the outcome. Another issue occurred with regards to the French translation but that was resolved.

The next item on Dr. Hohn’s past year review was the proposal by the first ACFD, and now CDAC,       about the re-evaluation of what credentials are required for the specialty program directors. The biggest concern is that, depending on how you interpret the wording, the specialty program directors could potentially not even be specialists or could only be American board certified, not Canadian. This is in the process of being deliberated right now.

Dr. Hohn mentioned that the CDSA is now the voice of specialists to the CDA. The CAOMS has an excellent relationship with the CDA. They have been coming to our Executive Meetings and are interested in keeping good relations with us. He acknowledged Julia Pompura for starting that process.

The last item discussed was the inclusion of the CAOMS on the Days on the Hill in both Ottawa and in the US. Relationships have been terrific. They got connected with the American Days on the Hill through Christopher Robinson’s involvement with Ottawa. They were the only specialty group asked to go with CDA to the Hill in the US.

Dr. Hohn then asked Mike Melo to come up and present the Treasurer’s Report.


Treasurer’s Report / Mike Melo

Dr. Melo started his review by stating that the CAOMS finances are stable. As per the report presented, the income for 2013 was approximately $450,000, down from the previous year. Income for 2014 thus far has been more favourable than expected, due to an increase in the membership. The major sources of revenue for CAOMS are the Annual Meeting and membership dues.

On the expenses side, the Annual Meeting is also the largest draw on the resources. He stated that he thought it was well worth it due to the high calibre of the meeting and that we should be proud of that.

Unfortunately, last year for 2013, the CAOMS experienced a loss. There were many reasons for this: last year’s meeting was in Chicago and the US dollar vs Canadian dollar value came into account; they embarked on an ambitious re-branding project involving the website; and the rebuttal to the DA application took a small draw on the association’s resources.

He stated again that the final bottom line is that the finances are stable – they are where they expect to be. He believes that whether or not they show a profit is largely dependent on the involvement and participation of the members. As they become more and more involved as the national voice for the OMS, this will draw on the association’s resources a little but he doesn’t feel like they have an alternative – they need to continue being that national voice.

He concluded by mentioning that the CAOMS has assets of $300,000 and that the Executive is looking at ways to possibly get more revenue from that amount. They are not planning on doing anything risky and before they proceed, they will advise the membership.


Approval of the Treasurer’s Report


Moved Julia Pompura; seconded Catherine Dale; CARRIED.

THAT the Treasurer’s Report be approved as presented


Dr. Hohn thanked Dr. Mike Melo and then asked Dr. Kevin McCann to present the Membership Report, and also present certificates of membership.


Membership Report and Presentation of Certificates / Dr. K. McCann


Dr. McCann began his report by stating that usually at this time, they take a moment to pause and think about any individuals who have passed in the previous year. For the first time in his tenure, he had none to report. However, in keeping with tradition, he felt it would still be appropriate to stand and take a moment of silence to think about those friends or family lost in the past year and to pause to give thanks for their blessings.


He announced that there were 4 new life members:


- Dr. Leland McFadden

- Dr. Ford Moore

- Dr. Claudio Tocchio

- Dr. Vytautas Lenauskus


Dr. Moore was present to accept his certificate of Life Membership.


Dr. McCann then mentioned that there are a couple of “stubborn” guys within the Association who have declined the elevation to New Life membership for a couple of years now: Ed Dore and Dan Omura. He jokingly asked if there was a contest going on between them.


Dr. McCann listed the names of the new Retired members and wished them well.


- Dr. Peter Edwards

- Dr. Edward Slapcoff


Dr McCann was very pleased to announce the long list of New Active Members:


- Dr. Genevieve Bonin                                                                             

- Dr. Susan Bourque                                                                                         

- Dr. Marco Caminiti

- Dr. Jason Choi               

- Dr. Cesare Ciavarro            

- Dr. Francis Croteau

- Dr. Volong Dao

- Dr. Joel Davis                

- Dr. Sylvie Di Lullo               

- Dr. Jean-Charles Doucet

- Dr. Geoffrey Duviner      

- Dr. Tommy Fok                   

- Dr. Martin Gaboury

- Dr. Craig Humber               

- Dr. Dexter Johnson

- Dr. Eugene Lam    

- Dr. Hassan Moghadam     

- Dr. Christopher Olynik        

- Dr. Kerim Ozcan

- Dr. Marina Prichert         

- Dr. Christine Sauvé             

- Dr. Prabhjot Singh

- Dr. Sarah Théberge         


Dr. Bourque, Dr. Davis, Dr. Di Lullo, Dr. Gaboury, Dr. Johnson, and Dr. Théberge were present to accept their certificates of New Active Member.


Dr. McCann then listed the names of the new Resident-in-Training members:


- Dr. Haider Abo Sharkh    

- Dr. Karim Al-Khatib    

- Dr. Guy Barzan

- Dr. Maxime Duranceau  

- Dr.  Matthew Fay        

- Dr. Jordan Gigliotti

- Dr. Oxana Korj               

- Dr. Olivia Lo              

- Dr. Wendall Mascarenhas

- Dr. Sean Tjandra            

- Dr. Kevin Vint            

- Dr. Omar Suhaym


Dr. Mascarenhas was present to accept his certificate of new Resident-in-Training Member.


Dr. McCann announced that there were 2 new Affiliate Members: Dr. John Stanley from Bismark, North Dakota, and Dr. Sean Edwards from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Dr. Edwards was present to accept his certificate.


Dr. McCann announced that there was one new Supporting Member: Dr. Jennifer Smith.


Dr. McCann then gave an update regarding the concept of the Horizontal Membership between AAOMS and CAOMS. This has been an ongoing process but it has gained momentum over the past year and a half and they are now down to the smaller details of what AAOMS wants on the forms. There is a review that our application form mirrors the one from AAOMS, and that there would be a check box on our form for CAOMS members to become an affiliate member of AAOMS. No other registration form would be required and our members would be contacted by AAOMS for their dues and could have the benefits of being an AAOMs member. This is all being worked on. As was previously mentioned, Dr. McCann stated that they will have a new website with the goal of being up and running by the end of the year so that next year’s renewals could be done online.


He then reviewed the membership totals:


Active Members                              225

Life Members                                    85

Life Members (Retired)                     10

Affiliate Members                              10

Residents in Training                        43

Supporting Members                         13

Honorary Members                             2


TOTAL:                                           388


He commented that there are a total of 405 Oral Surgeons in Canada and so we now do represent the majority of OMS in Canada.


Dr. Hohn thanked Dr. McCann and then asked Dr. Michel El-Hakim to present the Foundation’s Report as Dr. Bruce Pynn, the Chair of the CAOMS Foundation, could not be present.


CAOMS Foundation Report / Dr. Michel El-Hakim


Dr. El-Hakim began his report by listing the names of the 7 members of the board. The research projects that were funded for 2013/2014 were also presented and were mainly done by Oral Surgery Residents and 3 of them were funded (Dalhousie, Western and Manitoba). There were 3 grants distributed to researchers who are oral surgeons (Dr’s Gregoire, Makoul, Cann). The money was collected from donors, and the donors are mostly CAOMS members. As such he explained that this year the Foundation distributed ribbons at the annual meeting to recognize the various donors over the years (cumulative amounts since 2007): red indicated donors who have given $5,000-$10,000, blue was for amounts of $10,000-$25,000, silver was $25,000-$50,000, and gold was for more than $50,000.


He then reviewed the financial statement for 2013. As indicated in the report, revenue came from donations ($24,000) and the Silent Auction ($19,000). Disbursements were mostly for resident’s grants and research awards.


The last item discussed was a request to change an item in the bylaw - to change the address of the head-office of the Foundation. As per Industry Canada regulations, this item needed to be approved and voted upon by the members. The address was still listed as that of the previous Secretary-Treasurer of the Foundation in Edmonton. The Foundation asked that their address be changed to be the same as the CAOMS address in Ottawa.


Motion to change the Foundation Address to Ottawa, same as CAOMS address:


Moved Pierre-Eric Landry; seconded Doug Vincelli; CARRIED.

THAT the Foundation Address be changed to #32 – 100 Colonnade Road, Ottawa, ON K2E 7J6



Approval of the Foundation Report


Moved Julia Pompura; seconded Edward Dore; CARRIED.

THAT the Foundation Report be approved as presented


A few questions were asked by those in attendance and Dr. El Hakim responded as follows:


Q: Could the individuals who have been awarded research grants do a presentation of their results, maybe as an abstract, say within three years?

A: That is a good suggestion. Dr. El Hakim will bring it up to the board.


Dr. Pierre-Eric Landry commented that in his program, 2/3 of the grant money is given to support the research project. After the formal presentation is given at a scientific session (such as at our Annual Meeting), the balance of the funding is given. Dr. El Hakim thought this was an interesting proposition.


Q: Who would be responsible for the cost of travelling during their research process? Is it the Foundation or are they responsible for those themselves?

A: Dr. El Hakim explained that they have to present an application with details on how they will use the money. The maximum grant money for a Resident award is $2,500 from the foundation. So, it’s up to them on where they will spend the funds. It could be something to look at if the foundation is not giving them enough money to support their project, if a portion of it goes to travelling and they want to use it for something more essential to their research study. He said that this is something that could be discussed at the board level in allowing more funds just for the travel component.


Dr. Joey Friedlich commented that he would like to encourage the residency program to support their residents to pool their resources to cover such expenses and he would like to see the CAOMS support this idea.  Dr. El-Hakim agreed.


Dr. El-Hakim then asked the Immediate Past President and Nominations and Awards Chair, Julia Pompura, to present the Nominations and Awards Committee Report.


Nominations Report / Julia Pompura


Julia Pompura explained that one of the roles of the Past President is to be on the Nominations Committee. There was one vacant position on the Executive Committee for 2014 - 2015, the position of Secretary.  The Nominations and Awards Committee, which consisted of Ben Davis and her, was tasked with proposing a nominee, and they submitted the name of Antoine Chehade to the membership. No other names were submitted by the general membership. She was therefore pleased to announce that Tony had accepted the position.


In accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the CAOMS, the 2014 – 2015 Executive Council members are as follows:


President                                 Dr. Ed Dore

President-Elect                        Dr. Mike Melo

Immediate Past President        Dr. Frank Hohn

Treasurer                                Dr. Ian Ross

Secretary                                Dr. Antoine Chehade

Executive Director                   Dr. Chris Robinson

Membership Chair                   Dr. Kevin McCann

Webmaster                              Dr. Nick Hogg


The Regional Councillors are:


British Columbia                      Dr. Toby Bellamy

Alberta                                    Dr. Miller Smith

Prairies                                    Dr. Catherine Dale

Ontario                                    Dr. Howard Holmes

Quebec                                    Dr. Volong Dao

Atlantic                                    Dr. Chad Robertson


Julia Pompura then explained the purpose of the Distinguished Service Award - to recognize CAOMS members who have made a major and significant current, past, or long-standing contribution of benefit to the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery and/or to the Association through clinical, academic, research, public service or Association-related activities. 


She then asked Kevin McCann to come to the podium to introduce the 2014 recipient of the Distinguished Service Award.


The following is a summary of Dr. McCann’s introduction of Dr. Daniel Omura:


It is an honour for the entire CAOMS membership and the Executive Council to pay tribute to this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Service Award: Dan Omura.


Dr. Dan Omura was the unanimous choice to receive this accolade. Dan has been an effective and active part of CAOMS, and of organized dentistry in general, for many years.  He has always risen to the occasion with a remarkable and characteristic “quiet grace”.


Dan graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Dentistry in 1973. He then entered the University of Toronto OMFS program, which he completed in 1977.


Dan has an outstanding reputation in his private practice, but has always been involved in so many other facets of our profession.  He has done clinical teaching for over ten years at the U of T.  He was Head of OMFS at the Peel Memorial Hospital from 1984 to 1997, and then at the William Osler Health Centre, where he still maintains this position.  Dan is the Chief of Surgery at the Brampton Civic Hospital. As we all know, this speaks volumes about the esteem in which Dan is held by all of his medical colleagues.


In terms of organized dentistry, Dan has always been involved and has gladly taken on leadership roles.  After serving as President of the Ontario Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (OSOMS) in 2002, he became its Executive Director, a position which he still holds. He was President of the CAOMS in 2008-2009 and superbly represented our specialty on the CDA Committee of Specialists Affairs (COSA) in 2008-2009.


Dan has received numerous awards honouring his achievements, including: ODA’s Award of Merit in 2004 and ODA’s Service Award in 2013.


Somehow Dan also has time to take leadership and professional development courses at the Physician Management Institute of the Canadian Medical Association. By the way, in 2003 Dan also completed the Strategy Program that is part of the Executive Program at the Queen’s University School of Business.


As you are all aware, the Dental Anesthesia group’s submission to the CDA for specialty recognition was declined. Dan was absolutely instrumental in allowing our association to present a strong and just argument which affected the outcome tremendously.


Dan’s greatest achievement is his beautiful family. Dan’s wife Mira is a dentist, as is his daughter. His son is a physician. Talk about a family of under-achievers!!!!


So many of us are proud to consider Dan our friend. Dan is an exemplary professional and all-around nice guy.


I now present the Distinguished Service Award to you Dan. Thank you for all you have done for our profession. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Dan Omura.


Dan Omura accepted the honor (reluctantly) and started off his acceptance speech by saying that he wished this wasn’t done as a surprise or done at all. He said that it was truly an honor to receive this recognition. He said that it’s been great to be involved with the CAOMS and any aspect of service, and to have the opportunity to work with such good people. He encouraged everyone by saying that they need to take care of their own profession, to get involved (especially the younger ones), to stay involved otherwise nobody will do it.


He thanked everyone for the recognition and said it was very humbling. He thinks that the CAOMS is in good hands, with committed people. He encouraged the group to get involved for their profession and for their colleagues. As the Chief of surgery at his hospital, he goes to many medical functions and takes many courses, and he proudly waves the flag of Dentistry and of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to the healthcare community. ‘’Wherever you go, carry your flag proudly – provide good service and be a part of the healthcare community as well as our own.’’



New Business / Dr. Frank Hohn


Dr. Hohn called upon Dr. Nick Hogg, webmaster, to present the first item of new business.


1) Website / Dr. Nick Hogg


Dr. Hogg began his presentation by indicating that the CAOMS is very excited about a new undertaking initiated approximately one year ago. He then gave a history of the current website: it is 16 years old, was developed in 1998 and paid for by Dr.’s Lung and Robinson. It worked well for a few years and then the site was re-designed in 2009-2010. This upgrade increased the amount of hits from 1,000-2,000/year to 50,000-60,000 hits/year (international audience). The CAOMS thought that it was doing pretty well but with websites becoming rapidly outdated (every 5 years), they are now looking at undertaking a more ambitious project. They have been thinking about this for the past 5 years, during the last re-design they weren’t sure what they needed exactly (base plan, marketing needs, etc). So, they went with a base plan with PBHS, which didn’t cost anything. So, the CAOMS has had a website for 16 years with minimal to no cost ($1,500 hosting fee/year). But, he pointed out that we got what we paid for.


Over the past year, they looked into various Canadian companies through RFP’s and received estimates between $35,000 to $80,000. They reviewed each option and decided to go with BV02 / a marketing, website design company, located in Ottawa (cost of $80,000). This is a huge undertaking and so, along with himself, the Committee consists of the Executive Director, the standing President and the Branding/Education/Promotion committee, which was established 18 months ago (comprised of himself, Marty Braverman, Tony Chehade and the Membership Chairman Kevin McCann).


He feels that the company they have brought on board is fantastic – they want to promote us, have done extensive research on our industry, want to increase the hit rate on our site with search engine optimization, they will reflect the various needs we have (patient info, member access, regulators), will ensure our site reflects what an OMS does, etc.


In order to be successful, input from the members will be needed and many stakeholders will be involved. He commented that the new website will greatly facilitate the administration of the association by Unconventional Planning as the existing system is cumbersome and archaic (ie update the site, post information, management of the member database, online membership renewals, register for annual meeting, etc.).


The new website will have a dual purpose / a public side to market directly to patients, and a private side for members to access. He mentioned that we also now have special interest groups, such as the Residency Organization, which he would like to see get more involved in the CAOMS; and the Foundation, which they submitted an application for funding of $50,000 for the new website for educational purposes (approval amount to be decided, probably $10,000 per year).


The cost of $80,000 is significant, but they will split the cost over 2 years to help balance the books. They hope to launch by the end of the year as there is a push in the association to go paperless, to communicate electronically, for the website to serve as an electronic meeting place, and a digital environment everybody can utilize. There will be ongoing costs to make this website functional after the 2 year period/$80,000 cost.


If anyone has questions or if anybody wants to participate/help, Dr. Hogg encouraged the members to contact him directly. They will need help with content, and information on a website cannot remain static.


2) Carl Cuddy / Resident Organization


Dr. Cuddy explained how the Residents Organization has been in evolution over the past year and a half. At the American meeting in San Diego, Dr.’s Chris Robinson, Chad Robertson, Clayton Davis and himself starting talking about forming a Residents organization to parallel the RIT organization in the US (ROAAOMS) to provide an avenue for residents to be in contact with each other and with the CAOMS. This organization will be under the umbrella of the CAOMS and it will be free membership for residents to join. Another goal in having this organization is for the residents to get involved with the CAOMS both now and in the future. Furthermore, there is a large group of Canadian surgeons who are trained in the US, so in order to reach out to these residents, they had a dialogue with ROAAOMS and they will feature the new Resident Organization in their next e-blast and on their Facebook page to encourage American residents who may not have a contact in Canada.


Dr. Cuddy added that he will help out with the new website development with regards to resident information. He hopes that there will be some space allocated for residents to communicate amongst themselves and to potentially have abstract submissions where there could be a ‘’feature abstract presentation’’. He believes this will encourage participation and collegiality among the residents.


He hopes to have many residents be part of the new Resident Organization and stated that an email had been sent out to all programs, residents and Program Directors to get this started. If such a person had not received the email, please contact him.


Dr. Frank Hohn thanked Dr. Cuddy and commented that the ROAAOMS is very well organized and has between 1,000 and 1,500 residents as members.


Dr. Frank Hohn then gave an update on the successful ‘’Bike & Learn’’ program that Dr. Chad Robertson runs. He mentioned that there has been some push to have a ‘’Golf & Learn’’, in an easily accessible spot, possibly at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Phoenix, Arizona. He congratulated Dr. Joey Friedlich on a very successful Ski & Learn Program, which occurred this year in Snowmass, Colorado. He then asked Dr. Friedlich to speak on what he had planned for 2015.


3) 2015 “Ski & Learn” / « Descendre et apprendre » 2015 / Dr. Joey Friedlich


Dr. Friedlich gave a re-cap of this year’s ski meeting, which occured in February: it was their 10th annual meeting, they had 30 surgeons participate, with a total of over 65 attendees, and he had the privilege of dedicating it to Dr. Tim Head as the 1st Memorial Lecture series. This year’s speakers were Joseph Khan and John Holmes and both were excellent presentations. The social venues were fabulous and the snow was even better!


He encouraged those who have not attended before to come as it’s a wonderful experience and there is great camaraderie. He also commented that it has many fruits as an individual came to the Ski & Learn meeting because some of his friends were there and he has since become a new Affiliate member of the CAOMS (John Stanley). Bruce Horsewell is another example.


Dr. Friedlich then spoke about the 2015 trip and the idea of having it in Europe. He is nearly ready to announce all the details but it will probably be in Switzerland, the last week of February/first week in March. A few different organizations are being looked at to provide a 1 week package of 5 days of skiing, with possibly 1 day mid-week for solid education. Potential locations being considered are Verbier, St. Moritz, and Grindelwald. He encouraged anybody who had comments, interest, or input to speak to him.


He reminded the group that this meeting is a tremendous undertaking and that, as shown by Dr. Melo during the Treasurer’s report, it cost $108,000 to have this year’s meeting in Aspen, CO. It was revenue neutral as they had great support from KLS Martin and Nobel Biocare in sponsoring the speakers. He doesn’t know if they will be able to accomplish the same objective next year in Switzerland, as it probably will be difficult to attract support from these companies when the meeting will be held on another continent.


Dr. Frank Hohn thanked Dr. Friedlich and then reminded the group that next year’s annual meeting will be a joint meeting with the AAOMS in Washington, DC. He then invited Dr. Shimizu to give some details about the planning that has been done to date.


4) 2015 Joint Meeting with AAOMS / Dr. M. Shimizu


Dr. Shimizu explained that, along with Dr. Joey Friedlich, they went to the Committee on Continuing Education Professional Development meeting with AAOMS on April 27-28 in planning for the combined AAOMS/CAOMS meeting next year in Washington DC, from Sept 28-October 4. The theme of the meeting will be ‘’Meeting the challenge of innovative care of the surgical patient’’.

AAOMS has been very welcoming and gracious, and they want input and involvement from us in the meeting and with the planning. He therefore invited everybody to think about participating, either as an attendee, as someone who wants to speak, or residents to prepare abstracts, etc. If interested, contact him or Joey Friedlich.


Dr. Frank Hohn then invited Dr. Dan Omura to come back to the podium to speak about something that is ‘’late breaking news’’, with significant impact to many in the field.


5) Unionizing of Office Staff


Dan Omura spoke about the first instance of unionizing in a Dental practice in Ontario, and probably in the country, He wanted to let the group know, as an fyi, that this was happening in Dr. Fritz Kienle’s office, incoming president of OSOMS. Dr. Kienle contacted him last week and told him that he had received notice via fax, which was stuffed at the bottom of a pile, that his staff had had a meeting with the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (meeting which took place unbeknownst to the surgeons of this practice).


At this point Dan Omura asked Dr. Kienle if he could come up to give more exact details. Dr. Kienle explained that they feel like they have been railroaded. The notice indicated that a vote was going to occur and he had 48 hours to respond. However, because the staff hid the info, they only had 2 hours to react. If there was no response to the notice, the vote would automatically be a ‘’yes’’ to unionization. The vote was taken and it was 40% no, 60% yes. Even if they voted no, those staff don’t have a choice – they will be part of the union.


He continued to explain that it doesn’t matter how big the office is, as long as there are 2 individuals, a union can be formed. The staff have 5 days to rescind after a ‘’yes’’ vote has gone through. However, the surgeons are not allowed to speak to the staff about the unionization, are not allowed to discourage this action, can’t negotiate with them, and can only use special language when talking to the staff; if they do they are heavily penalized. Through their labour lawyers, they also learned that once a union is done, it usually lasts forever because it is very hard to undo - very expensive to de-certify, and the Oral Surgeons of the practice can’t pay for this; has to be paid by the staff, with costs in the $50,000 range. Contract bargaining is the next step in the process and he is afraid that as they will be creating the first contract in the country, they may end up setting the ‘’gold standard’’ for everybody else in the country to bargain with.


Dr. Kienle concluded by stating that he simply wanted to advise the group that this is happening. He recommended they talk to some labour lawyers now and be prepared. His labour lawyer feels there is a ‘’blitz’’ on the OMS specialty as over the week-end, he had been retained by 2 more Oral Surgery groups.


Q: Is this just the nurses getting unionized?

A: No it involves all staff - part time, full time, front desk, nurses, RPN’s; anybody who works under their umbrella is unionized.


Dr. Omura commented that this could possibly spread throughout the dental profession, not just the OMS specialty. He spoke with the Executive Director of the Ontario Dental Association and he was extremely concerned.


Dr. Omura concluded by stating that this is a rapidly unfolding issue in Ontario and since it’s a national union, it could spread quickly. He will be conducting a telephone campaign in Ontario to try to get info out to surgeons, such as some talking points in helping them with pre-emptive conversations with their staff. Oral surgeons can decide if they want to discuss this subject with their staff or choose to “let sleeping dogs lie”. “However, once a notice is received, your hands are tied since you can’t speak with the staff. The unions have secret meetings with the staff and really try to undermine your relationship with your staff.”



Transfer of Office / Dr. Frank Hohn


Dr. Hohn then did his final duty as current President and introduced Dr. Edward Dore to pass on the presidency.



Incoming President’s Message / Dr. Edward Dore


In accepting the Chain of Office, Dr. Dore stated that he felt proud and honored to stand in front of the group as the new CAOMS President. He then confided that it was also particularly daunting to be following in the steps of people such as Frank, Julia, Ben, Kevin, Joey, Dan, and Chris. He went on to thank each one individually and describe how they have contributed to the CAOMS and helped him over the years.  He said he was also extremely grateful to have Ellyn and her team at UP to help make the CAOMS look good.


Dr. Dore went on to say that he feels they have one of the greatest surgical specialties in the world and that its scope and potential will certainly increase. He admitted it will take some time and that there will be constant hurdles thrown in by politicians, bureaucrats, registrars but he is hoping that the re-development of the new website will keep members informed and enthusiastic. He encouraged all members, especially new members, to get involved in the association. Only in that way can the association continue to grow. The CAOMS is a small and unique organization, made up of wonderful individuals committed to the advancement of their specialty. He concluded by thanking them for the opportunity of serving as their President for the next 16 months.


Dr. Dore then invited Dr. Frank Hohn to return to the stage to present him with his Past President’s pin.


Dr. Dore requested a motion to adjourn the meeting.


Moved Joey Friedlich, seconded Nick Hogg; CARRIED

THAT the 2014 Annual Meeting be adjourned.