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I went to see my Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. The process was quick and pain free. My recovery was very fast and I was able to get back on the golf course within a few days.

Corey Connors
Member of the PGA Tour

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. How can I truly put into words my appreciation for the person that has fixed my biggest insecurity? This is life changing to me.

In all my appointments with you and finally this surgery 2 days ago, you have inspired me to take a closer look and put more consideration into becoming an oral surgeon, as I know now first-hand how big of a difference I could make in someone’s life.

I remember my first appointment with you and this surgery will also always stay with me. I am so grateful.

Thank you!

Skylar U.
Saskatoon, SK

You gave me something I have always wanted … since I was 12!
I am very pleased with the results, and grateful for the magic you performed on me.


Candace E.
Saskatoon, SK