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Computer Planned Surgery: An Interactive Small Group Workshop

Pre Conference Workshop:
Computer Planned Surgery: An Interactive Small Group Workshop

Expand your utilization and understanding of contemporary virtual surgical planning at this interactive pre-conference workshop.  This session will consist of case-based discussions of traditional and complex craniomaxillofacial surgeries highlighting pre surgical planning, complications and intraoperative management.  Content specific experts will review the virtual surgical process, provide insight into their thought process when evaluating and planning a case, as well as discuss management of intraoperative challenges in the context of virtual surgical planning.  We are fortunate to have experts in various subspecialty areas of OMFS including orthognathic, craniofacial, head and neck oncology, reconstruction and trauma surgery as faculty to lead our small group discussions.  Due to the limited size of the group, this will be an interactive session where participants are encouraged to discuss cases with each other as well as with our panel of subspecialty experts which features Dr. Eric Dierks, Dr. Ashish Patel, Dr. Robert Paquin, Dr. Miller Smith and Dr. Michel Fortin.

Also included in the pre-conference workshop will be an opportunity for participants new to surgical planning to plan a case in person with a planning engineer from Materialise.  After registering for the pre-conference session, interested attendees should provide the appropriate data (as outlined below) by May 10, 2019 in order to prepare for these personalized planning sessions. Additionally, a state of the art virtual reality system will also be available in order to virtually carry out a custom 3D printed Orthognathic case.

Case submission requirement:

  • Save the images in uncompressed standard DICOM format onto a CD or DVD
  • CT data in dicom format (1 mm slice thickness or less)
  • Occlusal scan/stone dental models (for orthognathic planning, or cases with plans to adjust occlusion)

    CT Scan Parameters:
    Gantry tilt/oblique angle                      0°
    Matrix                                                      512 x 512
    Slice thickness                                        Maximum 1.0 mm
    Feed per rotation                                   Maximum 1.0 mm
    Reconstructed slice increment            Maximum 1.0mm
    Reconstruction algorithm                     Bone or high resolution


Please send all files by May 10, 2019 to: (be sure to include your name and phone number inside the package)

Johnson & Johnson Medical Companies
200 Whitehall Drive
Markham, ON L3R 0T5
Re: CAOMS Meeting
(P) 905-236-1977

Direct all questions to Irfan Jhabuawala via email at: